Pottery Dungeon
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Our studio is a fun environment for children of all ages – yes, grown up children too. Call now to book a session in our historic pottery dungeon.

Why not host a party in our pot cellar?

If you’d like to host a Hen or Stag party, a baby shower, a birthday – child or adult – then we welcome you and are happy to help to decorate our dedicated craft space for your special events and even to order special pottery if you are having a specific theme. You pay for the price of the items being painted and that’s it! If you prefer not to do your own catering we can put you in touch with a local caterer.

Paws for thought

We also run events for baby and toddler foot and handprints onto various ceramics, whether it be a frame, a mug, a plate or a bauble, there’s plenty to choose from. We offer this service for your furry friends too. Bring your pet in and have their paw print painted and put onto an item of choice.

Join us for our Adults Pottery night. Bring along a bottle (or two!) and some nibbles to aid the creative flow.