Anvil Pint Sized Mug
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Anvil Pint Sized Mug


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This mug is ideal for a beer lover to use as a tankard or for the person who really loves their tea/coffee.

Anvil Pottery was established in 1981 in the picturesque village of Llanrhaeadr Y.C in the Vale of Clwyd, North Wales.

They specialise in hand thrown stoneware and earthenware pottery with an emphasis on use rather than ornament. Each pot is handmade using traditional methods and techniques from either stoneware or grogged earthenware clays.  All the pots are thrown on the potter’s wheel and a full range of domestic ware is produced.

Decorating techniques include sgraffito, incising and slip trailing. The inspiration for design comes from naturally occurring shapes and lines often from Celtic designs. Their pots are glazed in an oxidising atmosphere in an electric kiln.

The stoneware pots are biscuit fired and then glazed. Iron and cobalt oxides are the main colours used. There is exciting variation in each firing and between each pot, this is natural when using hand made wood ash glazes.

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