Born & Bred In Ruthin Aluminium License Plate Old Railway Style Sign
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Born & Bred In Ruthin Aluminium License Plate Old Railway Style Sign


1 in stock (can be backordered)


This particular sign is currently in stock and available to buy “off the shelf” rather than waiting as with personalised signs. If preferred it can be made to order with a choice of different colours and towns/villages.

Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas or just something to say thank you, our handmade signs are completely personalised to suit your needs.

With no minimum order, you can choose your own personalisation, size, colour combinations and hole options for displaying your sign the way you want to.

Available in a variety of sizes and capable of being tailored to your customer’s specific tastes, this classic and evocative part of Britain’s industrial heritage will mature with age and comes with a lifetime manufacturing guarantee.

**To place your personalised order and colours, write your wording in the note box in the checkout area or call to discuss 01824 710654. Also please note how many, if any, holes you want and where you want them placed, you can have no holes, 2 at the top, 2 central (at the edge) or 4 holes (1 at each corner).

There are 20 colours to choose from and both the font and the background can be different colours of your choosing. The colours are shown in the photos or you can view the palette in person in the shop.

There is a maximum of 13 digits, including any spaces, per line and  2 lines per sign, the biggest sign is 21″ by 6″.

Turnaround on these are 10 working days from order date.


End to end, each product takes on average 4 hours to manufacture in its 6 part process.

Part One – the raw aluminium is pressed using, in some cases, digit dies that are over 80 years old.

Part Two – the raw aluminium is chemically cleaned in an alkali solution to remove dirt and grease, then rinsed in water before soaking in a bath of alocrom solution which prepares the surface for painting and gives corrosion protection.

Part Three – the base coat is applied to the aluminium sign first, which is the digit colour. All paints are stoved enamel paint that are hand sprayed on to the sign – then baked for 30 minutes on racks in a 125°c oven.

Part Four – The sign is sprayed a second time with the chosen background colour – this is then left to ‘flash off’.

Part Five – Using a combination of thinners, the top layer of paint is removed over the digits exposing the coloured lettering from the base coat used.

Part Six – Final bake at 125°c for 30mins and then your sign is left to cool before posting.

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