***Refundable Deposit for Painting Kit for Takeaway Paint Your Own Pottery***
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***Refundable Deposit for Painting Kit for Takeaway Paint Your Own Pottery***


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This is a refundable deposit to cover the takeaway paint your own pottery kits, each kit comes with 5 brushes, a pot to wash your brushes in, the underglaze colours you have chosen to paint your pottery and may also come with a colour chart tile for reference, depending on which products you have chosen to paint, for larger items the kit will also include a paint pallette.

This fee is then refunded on the day that the kit is returned.

Alternatively, no deposit is required if you choose the pottery be provided with a paint pot strip of acrylic paints, which you paint on and leave to dry, these do not require kiln firing so you would then just keep the item and paints, however, you would need your on brushes for this optoion.

Takeaway kits are delivered locally for free to LL15 postcodes, please get in touch if you are just outside the area & we will discuss/consider delivery options.

How does it work?

Once you have chosen your piece of pottery for painting the next step is to select which colours you would like to be included in your kit, colours are on the tiles in the final photo of each pottery listing. When checking out please type in what number colours you’d like.

The kit is then delivered to you complete with brushes, water pot. to clean your brushes, and your chosen underglaze (paint) colours and instructions on how to get the best outcome from your pottery kit. The pottery will be collected a week later and then glazed and fired in our in-house kiln, once done the pottery goes from being dull and flat in colour to bright and shiny. After it is fired the pottery will then be returned to you.

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